A Thoughtful Gesture

Don’t you love it when you get mail? I’m not talking about bills, or solicitations for yet another credit card. I’m talking about opening your mailbox to find something hand addressed to you, from someone special in your life. A letter.

Letter writing, actual pen on paper action, has become a lost art. Caught up in the world of technology, text messages have replaced phone calls. Emails have replaced hand written notes.

Every so often I make it a point to jot a hand written note to someone I know, love and care about (and Christmas cards don’t count), and drop it in the mail. Not only does it brighten someone’s day, I find they are also inclined to write a hand written note in return. I love to find something unexpected in my otherwise unexciting stack of mail.

I like to keep cards on hand for exactly this purpose. Sometimes I spend time crafting my own cards, other times I stock up while at the store. Regardless, I think it’s wise to keep a collection of cards on hand so you can be prepared for any occasion: get well, sympathy, wedding, baby, birthday, and (my personal favorite) just because.

I think there is no better day than today to take a moment out of our busy lives and send someone an actual hand written letter. Perhaps there’s someone you’ve kept in your prayers for one reason or another, a friend you’ve lost touch with, a special someone you think of often but rarely reach out to.

Today is the day that I challenge everyone to brighten the day of another!

With Love-

Side Note: The grouping of cards pictured at the beginning of this post are cards that my aunt has made.  She is an incredibly talented artist, and while her main gig doesn’t include paper she has a wonderful assortment of cards, hand made journals, and other ‘paper items’.
If you’re in the market for something special and hand made, check out her shop on Etsy by clicking here. You won’t find her paper work on Etsy, but if you want to purchase a mix of one of a kind, and super special cards you can reach her via her contact info on Etsy.


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