A Hot Summer Day

Last week, on Thursday, I left town for a long’ish weekend away from home. When I left, everything was fine. I returned home yesterday morning to find that a billion (give or take a few) little black bugs had taken up residence on my broccoli plants and were eating their hearts out.

I dusted them with bug killer and headed inside, fingers crossed that the dust would take care of the issue. It wasn’t even noon and temps had already reached 100 degrees.

I hid out on the couch for the bulk of the afternoon. Shades drawn, air conditioner running at full capacity.

At 7:30pm (and temps of 93 degrees) I headed outdoors to get my chores done. The garden needed a serious drink after the warm afternoon, the lawn was in desperate need of mowing, and I wanted to check on the status of the little black destroyers.

I am pleased to report the dust seemed to have done the trick (thank goodness). The lawn got a haircut, the garden a drink, and when I finished with my chores I rewarded myself with one of these:

A cold red beer, in a frosty mug, with homemade tomato juice from last years tomatoes.

So delicious, and well deserved.

-H. Osborn


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