Growing and Roasting Broccoli

The garden has produced about a pound of broccoli so far this summer. Not too shabby for having 3 plants currently producing (the other 4 were planted at a later time, so they’ve got a ways to go yet), and for it being quite early in the growing season right now.

Yesterday I cut some more:

If you’ve ever grown broccoli in your garden, you know about the little green worms that like to take up residence in the florets. They are icky, but not too tough to chase out.

I give my broccoli a good rinse after cutting, then soak in a bowl of cool, salty water. I generally lose track of time, but about 30 minutes is sufficient. Then, give ’em another good rinse. If any of those green critters were hanging out in your florets, they’ll fall out with the final rinsing.

And wash down the drain. Probably dead. Either that or on their way to being dead. I don’t wanna think about it…

I’m sure I’ve eaten my fair share of these little guys. I didn’t know the salty water trick when I first started growing broccoli. Yuck! I’m gonna try not to think about it – or try to consider the added fiber benefits of consuming little green worms with my veggies. Double Yuck!!

After snipping this bowl of deliciousness, I couldn’t resist roasting them up to eat with my lunch. Roasted is one of my fav ways to enjoy broccoli, and it’s so quick and easy that you can make it to eat with your lunch leftovers.

Start by preheating your oven to 425 degrees. Then, toss the florets in a bowl with olive oil and minced garlic. Spread on a foil covered cookie sheet (why create a bigger clean-up chore than necessary?). Sprinkle with some salt, pepper, and a tad of garlic powder (more if you didn’t have fresh garlic on hand).

Pop ’em in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, turning half way through roasting. Like most veggies, broccoli cooks way down so go ahead and be generous with your portion of the raw veggie to begin with.

When they are done the tips of the florets will have a slight crunch to them from roasting with olive oil, and the stems will be tender.

So quick and easy.

And delicious.

I would have liked to have had 3 more servings.



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