Garden Update

About a month ago, I introduced you to my garden. If you missed that post, you can view it by clicking here.

Things have really come along in the past month. I posted my excitement with having a tomato on the vine on May 21st, which is unheard of in this area. My excitement continues to grow, look how things are coming along:

The first thing you probably notice (compared with the picture taken from this same angle a month ago) is that the tomato plants are getting taller and are so bushy! You can also see how they are covered with flowers; little tiny tomatoes just waiting to happen!!

Let’s zoom in for a closer look at things:

I’ve got over 30 of these on the plants. I can almost taste the BLT’s.

These will soon be green beans. The plants are covered with green beans in the making. Nothin’ better than home grown veggies!

And peppers! Lots of them, all crammed into this tiny space. Will be interesting to see how they are able to grow, but I know they’ll make it happen. Won’t be long before these plants are calling for some staking up to help them stand. All 3 plants are in bloom and with tiny peppers. It’s only a matter of time.

Mmmm, stuffed peppers with sausage, rice and cheese! I can almost taste that as well – but on a different night than my BLT, of course.

I’ve already snipped 2 crowns of broccoli and eaten them. I was so thrilled to have something garden fresh with my meal that I forgot to take pictures. Oops! What I’m not sorry about, though, was how wonderful it was. I’d almost forgotten how different this tastes than the store bought variety (also good, but not really, compared to this).

There are a few items in the garden that aren’t lighting the world on fire, but I’ll be patient with them because I know they’re coming around.

This is the cucumber plant. It’s lookin’ good but still just workin’ on growing. Same with the zucchini and squash plants. All in good time I suppose.

So, there you have it. How are your gardens coming along?


PS – for those of you who were curious about my progress with regards to this post, things are coming along nicely. I’ve gotten in 5 workouts in the past 3 days (doubled up a couple days, because I had time and it just made sense). Today my very sore body needs a rest, but I’ve got time yet this week to get in 2 more workouts to hit my goal of 7 for the week. Eating well has also been good with lots of lean meats, fresh fruits & veggies. I’m feeling much better, physically and mentally, after my week of overeating too many of the wrong things and not enough physical activity. Yay!


4 responses to “Garden Update

  • pillowsalamode

    Lovely! We had a hail storm that broke down our tomato plants. 😦 We’ll be visiting the Farmer’s Market! πŸ™‚

    • simplyeclecticlife

      We get terrible hail storms where I live (one last Thur with golf ball size hail stones, as a matter of fact) which is what prompted the greenhouse to begin with. The extended growing season has been a nice added plus.
      Thank goodness for Farmers Market, right?

  • Marian Tomberlin

    Hello Hilary! I asked Lisa to suggest this to you and she told me to put it in your comments. Garry is extremely interested in your greenhouse and thinks he might like to build one. If you think your other readers would enjoy learning more about it we would love to hear how you built if…probably the condensed version. You guys did a beautiful job and it looks so nice. We think we could grow in it all year in our temperate climate. We both very much enjoy your blog.

  • simplyeclecticlife

    Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I love that you and Garry enjoy it!!

    I would be more than happy to share how the greenhouse came together. I can’t take a lot of the credit as the idea and most of the labor came from the wonderful man in my life (I originally just asked for hail protection of some variety). I did, however, participate in the process so I can break it down for blog sharing.

    Thanks for the idea. I’ll put it on my list & get some pictures taken!!

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