Frozen Yogurt Blobs

Several days ago I noticed I had 2 containers of yogurt in the fridge that were quickly closing in on their expiration date. And by quickly closing in, I mean that the date had arrived. Oh no!

Throw food away? I’d prefer not to, if it can be avoided. Part of my savings plan, talked about in this post, not only has to do with the tricks described previously but also the rule of: never buy more than you can eat before it goes bad. Throwing food away makes me cringe, but I wasn’t in the mood (nor was I hungry) for 2 containers of yogurt. What’s a girl to do?

So, I thought, why not freeze it? My grandmother told me I can freeze milk, which still blows me away, so why not yogurt? I decided to try. If it turned out badly and needed to be tossed at that point I’d at least feel slightly better that I had attempted to salvage it before tossing.

Here’s what I did:

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, then blob on spoon fulls of yogurt. Try to make them large enough so they don’t vanish in your mouth instantly, but small enough that they fit comfortably in your mouth. Some of mine are a tad bigger than I’d have liked, but I’m making it work.

Pop the cookie sheets in the freezer until the yogurt blobs are frozen through. I didn’t time mine. I threw them in the freezer, then was off to accomplish some other task. When I peeked back in on them, they were frozen.

I popped them off the cookie sheet and into an airtight, freezer safe container and back into the freezer. And there they reside until the summer heat beckons a cool snack, or I’m tempted by ‘bored eating’.

I notice I have the urge to snack more when I have less going on, and these make for a wonderful snack. When the urge strikes, I reach for a blob of frozen yogurt. One or two usually tide me over, or distract me long enough to busy myself with something else, making that urge to snack go away.

And, I guess if you get carried away and eat the whole thing you haven’t hurt much. It is low fat yogurt, after all.

I’m seeing lots of recipes on the internet recently for homemade frozen treats (frozen margarita pops? Whaaaat? Yes please!). Do you have any yummy, homemade, frozen treat recipes to share with us?



2 responses to “Frozen Yogurt Blobs

  • amy

    just saw a post yesterday where someone had taken wine glasses and placed a fruit pop in each (I am assuming you can use any kind you like or even make them) then poured wine into the glass for a summer party. thought it was a pretty cool idea and it was colorful and pretty too!

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