Yesterday I Found A Teeny, Tiny…

The rule of thumb, for the area in which I live, is ‘Mother’s Day for planting’. This rule of thumb indicates that after Mother’s Day we are no longer in danger of frost at night, therefore, it’s more or less the green light to begin putting plants in the ground.

My greenhouse allowed me to get a jump start on things, and I was so excited to find this yesterday while out watering:

Slightly larger than the size of a pea, I have a teeny tiny tomato on the vine. That is virtually unheard of in this area, for this time of year. You read this right, May 21st and a tomato on the vine. Woo Hoo!

Other news of what’s going on inside the greenhouse:
-the pepper plants all have flower buds just waiting to burst open
-the green bean plants are up (for the most part) and some are on the verge of flowering as well.
-the cucumbers, well, I don’t know what they’re doing. Not lighting the world on fire, that’s for sure. But, they’ll come along.

We have a lot of progress outside the greenhouse as well.

The crowns of the broccoli are just getting started. It will be awhile before they amount to anything, but it’s progress none-the-less:

The zucchini, squash, and onion plants are doing well also:

I don’t know why this pic looks like it was taken in the dead of night, it was 7;30p and the sun was barely starting to go down. My camera is smarter than I am apparently because I couldn’t make this happen differently.

It won’t be long before I’m cookin’ up fresh veggies from the garden. My excitement almost puts my impatience to rest for a bit. Though, I’m sure that will be short lived. It is impatience we are talking about, after all.

I’m anxious to hear how are your gardens coming along. Tell us!




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