A Whole Lotta Should-ing

Today I am doing a whole lotta “should”-ing.  I should get up and clean this house. I should fold that laundry I finally hauled from the laundry to the living room. I should get a plan in place for dinner. Truth is, I should be doing a lot of things today but I just can’t seem to peel myself off this couch for more than a couple minutes at a time. You see, last night I worked until 4am for my dad and I resemble what can only be described as a zombie today.

So, instead of getting up and actually doing these things I should be doing, I’ll blog about it.

I have a strange love for cleaning. I think I get it from my mom. I find it somewhat soothing, and who can argue with the comfort of a clean house?

I’m always looking for ways to make the task of cleaning house easier. Do you have solid surface floors in your home? If so, you need one of these:

Or for a closer look:

It’s a solid surface, floor, steam cleaner! Mine is a shark, but other brands make them as well. I got mine for Christmas and I LOVE it!!

Over half the floors in my house are solid surface (wood laminate, and tile) and this thing has changed my cleaning life. Not only is the process much faster, but the floors are so clean they literally squeak under foot! Plus, when you’re done, just pull the pad off and toss in the laundry.

Now…if only I had the energy and motivation to actually use the darn thing today…  Oh well – maybe tomorrow!



2 responses to “A Whole Lotta Should-ing

  • Marian Tomberlin

    Where did you get the Shark, Hilary? Your reviews are hitting home runs for us. We want to buy this and we’re going to pick up the Stella Rose wine too! Thanks for the good info!

    • simplyeclecticlife

      I got the Shark for Christmas, but my mother confirms they bought it at Target. I know lots of places sell them, so, I’d suggest shopping around for the best deal. Also – the unit comes with 2 pads. You can buy replacements though. I also got a box of ‘replacements’ for Christmas, which means I have 4 pads and that comes in handy. I don’t wanna wash these sorts of items with my regular laundry so by the time I have used all 4 pads I usually have a load of other rags to go through the wash.
      Let me know what you think of the Stealla Rosa! Also, let me know if you buy the pink that I blogged about or another variety. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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