You are Beautiful, Stella Rosa

I spent the weekend in Colorado Springs. It was an uneventful weekend, given the cool, wet weather that prevented any playing outside. Of course, I was looking forward to some Vitamin D and hiking over the weekend, maybe take in a baseball game. Isn’t that the way it always seems to go on Mother’s Day weekend?

Anyway, I returned home yesterday, already behind in the ‘getting the week started’ department. Apparently my personal assistant, lawn boy, and maid took the weekend off as well because I came home to a long list of what didn’t get accomplished over the weekend. Oh wait! I don’t have any of those people in my life? Bummer!

I figured the best way to tackle this ‘problem’ was to jump right in. I threw in a load of laundry, and started mowing the lawn.  Who needs a maid and a lawn boy?? Then, the task of dinner. Knowing there was (still is) little to nothing inside, I peered into the fridge, hoping that some miracle had happened and someone else went to the grocery store (my very least favorite errand in life). My personal assistant, maybe? Oh, wait, nope! As I expected, the fridge was (still is) mostly empty. Just as I began to feel defeat, I spied this lovely lady on the bottom shelf:

I bought this wine on the suggestion of the guy at the liquor store. He hadn’t ever tasted it, but was confident it was good based on the way he had trouble keeping it in stock. And you wanna know what? He was spot on. This is a semi-sweet, chilled, fizzy, refreshing splash of summer. Make a mental note to pick this one up for your next dinner party, evening on the deck, reward for making it through the day without strangling somebody, whatever.

In my attempt to learn a little about the wines I love/like/loathe I attempted a quick read of the bottle. Most of it was in Italian. So, I turned to the website (see it here). This baby comes to us from a small town in Northern Italy, where sparkling wines are the norm, hence this baby’s refreshing fizzy-ness. It may, in fact, be their secret ingredient. I was pleasantly surprised, and totally in love with those refreshing little bubbles.

They say their wines are like no other; I believe them. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the other varieties turned out by the Beautiful Stella Rosa.


PS: I realized I got so excited when the wine entered the post, I got side tracked a bit and left you wondering if I just drank wine for dinner.  I love food too much and turn into an angry lioness if not fed. So, I quickly thawed out some raw shrimp. Removed shells, tails, and any remaining ‘vein’. Marinaded in zesty Italian dressing. Revived some on the verge carrots in cold water. Roasted carrots drizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with some salt n pepper. Whipped up some rice. Threw the shrimp in the oven for the last 5 min of roasting and Viola! Dinner in 30 min.



One response to “You are Beautiful, Stella Rosa

  • Jennifer

    I am loving your blog! I don’t know much about wine, so I always appreciate a good wine tip and am going to check out Stella Rosa, sounds very yummy. My parents are big fans of another sweet and bubbly Italian wine called Lambrusco. It comes in white and red, but we always get the red because, well, we always get the red. You might enjoy this one too, serve chilled as well.

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