Slow To Come Around

I’ve blogged a couple times now about my excitement for Spring. Even without a lot of help, things are coming back to life and thriving. Except for this sad, little tree:

It’s starting to show some leaves (on some of the branches), but look how far behind it is from the other tree in my yard!!

Truth be told, I’m worried about this little guy. He seemed to be struggling last summer. Now, this spring, he’s looking particularly pathetic. Any suggestions on how to jump start his little tree heart beat??

The thought of having to cut him down makes me ill. Here’s why: when I moved in to this house there was somewhat of a crazy, miniature forest growing on this side of the house. Multiple trees and bushes planted, in random places, with no apparent rhyme or reason. So…I cut down 2 trees and pulled out 6 bushes. Things were looking good!!
Then the following year, one of the three tress saved from my manic chainsaw ways died. Ugh! So, now I’m down to two, AND they both look great right where they are. I’d hate to see his little guy banished to my firewood pile.

I’ve looked at tree stakes. Any thoughts on these? Any other suggestions that might be better than the tree stakes? I need something good, and I think I need it fast!!



One response to “Slow To Come Around

  • Lisa Ammerman

    David says tree spikes and water the shit out of it and maybe turn the dirt around the tree a bit. Does that make sense? Also, make sure it doesn’t have something eating it….boring into the trunk. I know nothing about trees…..that is why I hire TruGreen 😀

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