Any Time is Wine Time, Really.

I would consider myself a Wine Enthusiast. However, let me clarify. This does not mean that I know the ins and outs of wine, or that my palette is sensitive enough to pick up on the “decadent flavors of butter cream, bright citrus & vanilla that melt into a balance of oak and subtle spice”.

What I mean when I use the term ‘Wine Enthusiast’ is that I am Enthusiastic About Wine. Which, in even simpler terms, means I like to drink it. I can tell the difference between a wine I like, and one I do not. I can’t always describe why I prefer one wine and not another, but I can say this with a lot of certainty: I will never pour a wine I don’t care for down the drain. I will drink every last drop. Wastefulness is a characteristic I loathe, but that’s another topic entirely.

So, on a particularly beautiful spring evening I enjoyed a glass of this while sitting on my waiting-to-be-refinished deck:

This particular Chardonnay lands somewhere in the middle for me. Not my favorite, but not my least favorite either. It is unique in that it does seem to have a strong citrus flavor (oh yea – that quoted description above? Took that right off this bottle. Had the bottle not turned me on to the fact that what I was tasting and thinking ‘unique’  was citrus, I would have been lost on that one).

More importantly, the label and cork are adorable, as is their website. You can direct link it here.

Anyone have any favorite summer drink recipes they care to share? Or, perhaps you’re not the ‘bartender’ type but have a fav you like to pop the top, or pull a cork on? Tell us!



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