Katie the Kitten

When I was a youngster, my favorite book was this:

I wanted it read to me so often that, to this day, my father can recite nearly the whole thing from memory (Katie the Kitten, a small tiger cat. Asleep in the hall, all curled up in a hat. She’s awake now!!). I found a copy of the book on Amazon and was SHOCKED to learn that it costs over $18!! I need not worry, my mom saved the book for me and though it is minus the back cover, it is all mine. AND, it’s perfect!!

Fast-forward many years later, and this is the Katie the Kitten in my life (her name really is Katie):

If you are wondering, based on her appearance, if she’s evil…she IS. While she used to be a sweet, little kitten that fit in the palm of my hand, time has changed her and she is old and sassy now. The only person she really likes is me, and some days that is debatable.

While I’m on the subject of cats, let me share this interesting nugget with you:

This is (or was) Bob. Check out those feet! They are hilarious!! Want a closer look? Here:

Bob was a neighborhood cat who often sunned himself on my deck. Sadly, he’s not around anymore. BUT – when he was he brought me much joy, and Katie much fury. She did not appreciate his using her deck (which she rarely gets to go out on anyway because she’s naughty) for sunning himself, and often verbalized her disgust through the back door. He sat by, as quiet and calm as could be, which probably razzed her even more. I envision him wearing tiny boxing gloves on those awesome little (big?) feet, and winning that battle every time!


PS – I’m really not a crazy cat lady, whose house smells of urine, and this will likely be one of very few cat posts. What I wanted to write about was put on hold when my camera battery was dead last evening and wouldn’t hurry up and charge, regardless of how I willed it to do so!


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