30-Day Challenge

I’ve thought often about starting a blog. Apparently I think I need a new hobby.

After discussion with a dear friend of mine, she suggested a 30-day challenge. “Try it for 30 days, see how it goes…”. So…here I am, trying to figure it all out. I’d consider myself a moderately computer savvy girl, but have felt like I’m groping through the dark trying to figure this out. It may be a little rough around the edges getting started but I’m hoping to be a semi-pro at the end of the “30-day Challenge”. I’d ultimately like to start a professional blog about my area of expertise, Mental Health. So…wish me luck and we’ll see how this goes.

While trying to get this deal going, I was looking through photos so I could post a picture of myself on the ‘About’ link of this blog. I found this epic picture of my brother and I:

Evidently, we had nothing better to do at 7:50pm on, what I remember to be a cold, snowy, winter’s evening 4 or more years ago. This is Guitar Hero at it’s finest, people! No one ever said the Osborn’s don’t know how to have fun!! (PS – check my awesome pajama pants).

Anyone else have a 30-Day Challenge they are in the middle of, or perhaps that they need to start? Let’s hear about it!


10 responses to “30-Day Challenge

  • amy

    since my birthday is tomorrow, I will have a 30 day challenge by morning which is hard because I am sure donuts and cake will be part of the challenge and being my birthday, both are a must 🙂 You have me thinking Ms. Osborn

  • Lisa Ammerman

    Good for you! I wish you lots of luck on your 30-day challenge, and look forward to reading your posts!

  • Cayla

    1.Bodyrock.tv : I’m on my 3rd 30 day challenge with them. They have changed my life. Literally, making things I previously thought unattainable, closer at hand. That includes work physically an mentally, and in working through my grief from the sudden loss of my Dad, I have been able to identify with one of the people who took her journey towards health after losing her mother. 75 lbs lighter, but the heaviness on my heart weighed much more than that. This is my continual 30 day challenge through heart wrenching, devastating grief, to find myself on the other side… Not just pieces, but a whole person once more. 🙂

    • simplyeclecticlife

      Good for you, Cayla. I have you in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with the sudden, tragic loss of your father. It’s a good reminder for me to count my blessings daily, especially where my own dad is concerned.

  • Marian Tomberlin

    Very nice start Hilary! This is an interesting challenge.I’ll enjoy following it. I hope you have great success!

  • Jill-Jill

    Your friend sounds so smart! 🙂 I am so proud of you! It took you all of a day to make up your mind, research how to get started, and bam here it is. And, can I say, I was very entertained. I love your voice and style – like a sister or a girlfriend I can relate too! This is going to be fun! My thirty day challenge is to research Colorado history everyday for thirty days and write character profiles for at least four characters in my first novel. I have already started, but you and your “take charge of your life right now” attitude has turned my inspirational fire up quite a few notches. Thank you! Congratulations on a fantastic day one!

  • Kari Mueller

    Oh love! You are the whole package! I am also proud of you and the positivity you are running with no matter what curve balls are thrown your way! As well as others, I look forward to reading your blogs for the sweet style you do bring through in your writing! Congratulations and YES, I do love those sweet pj’s!

  • 30 Day Challenge = Success & A Giveaway « Simply Eclectic

    […] Today marks my 30th post, or 30th day blogging. If you’ve been with me from the beginning, or gone back in time to get caught up, you remember my very first post that talked about the 30 day challenge (read it here). […]

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